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Why are the games updating on Sports Engine before Game Changer?

Sports Engine is updated by USABL as soon as the games are confirmed. Game changer is updated by our staff and the app has a delay.

Please download sports engine for the must up to date USABL game information.

I have a question or issue with my child's uniform or merchandise order, who do I contact?

All uniform and merchandise orders are handled by Destination Athlete. Please contact Dave Dickerson at for assistance

What age group does my child belong in?

The cutoff date for age separation is April 30th.  For example, if your child's birthday is 4/29/2009, your child is USABL age 14 for 2023.  If your child's birthday is 4/30/2009, your child is USABL age 13 for 2023.  Visit and enter you child's birthday to validate.  

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